ALPHA HIPZ - Glute Bands

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When you start TRAINING your GLUTES just 5 minutes every other day…your body feels SO much better. You begin to feel a sturdiness in your hips and buttocks that spreads to your lower back, knees and core. Alpha Hipz is a simple and effective tool to do just that. Our premium, non-slip, durable GLUTE bands are a smart choice for ANYONE who wants to treat or prevent knee, hip and lower back injury and get a great booty workout doing it.

With 4 different resistance levels to choose from, Alpha Hipz are PERFECT for beginners and experts alike AND equally beneficial to BOTH. Choose the resistance level that's right for you, start slow and start activating muscles you’ve probably been neglecting for awhile BUT ARE SO IMPORTANT for strength and stability in your hips and core. You’ll be surprised how quickly your GLUTES begin to strengthen and how that positively affects the strength and stability of your whole core. 

Alpha Hipz comes with a convenient storage bag making them small, light, and portable. Easily travel with them wherever you go!

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